After mastering the cubes, it’s time to build temples. The chapter on Advanced-Level cubes does just that. You start drawing a simple cube with a smaller cube on top that becomes a room with two doorways.

By adding two ramps on either side, you got yourself a semi-accessible temple. Mind you, the grade is kind of steep, but nothing a rope with a few carabiners can’t fix.

One strange thing I noticed so far is that my perspective (where I perceive the camera is in the scene) is always higher than what I see in the book. I end up drawing bigger roofs and seeing less of what’s inside structures. It’s not a bad thing but sometimes it throws me off when I’m following the examples in the book.

Day 8: Big Temple

Not the Temple of Doom

The first temple seemed pretty simple so for the bonus round, I drew this much bigger temple. For some reason the words “Kali Ma, Kali Ma, Kali Maaaa” echoed in my head. Not sure why…

To draw the much bigger and longer ramps, I resorted to using a ruler. That had the unfortunate side-effect of my realizing how badly I had drawn the other ‘straight’ lines.

Once you start using the ruler, you’ll realize how crooked all your other lines are. You might have to go back and re-draw all the other ‘straight’ lines.