I spent a lot more time on this lesson. What makes this an advanced is the fact that that small mistakes can add-up and ruin the rest of the drawing. One sphere. No problem. Two spheres. Okay. A whole bunch of sphere behind each other in formation like a Roman Legion? Errr… let me get back to you on that. It took me 9 tries to ‘get it’. Needless to say, it was a little frustrating. But it’s part of the process, and repetition is key. You can see from my notes where things went wrong. Some would say, “wrong” is subjective in art, and you’d be right. My goal was to make sure all the spheres are fairly evenly spaced from each other and are the same size.

Pay attention to the horizon and the size of objects in the distance.

My last attempt was okay but I wasn’t completely happy with the result. I’m sure I’ll get the chance to do it again, and again, and again…

Bonus Stage

Drawing multiple spheres behind each other in different sizes was fun. I have this fascination with buildings, so I drew one of those as well.

Advanced Overlapping Spheres in formation.
Day 3: Many bunched up spheres.