This was a humbling chapter for me. I discovered that drawing free-form shapes, like animals or fur is NOT my strength. It’s definitely something that I need to work on and practice more often. That said, I’m beginning to see how drawing primitive objects is the starting point for almost any type of drawing.

The starting shape of the Koala was simple—3, lightly drawn circles. Then the ears. What I had problems with was drawing its fur with consistent strokes. That was not simple. Drawing fur is chaos and order all in one and I kept on stressing over single strokes that seemed out of place.

When drawing fur, relax and don’t over-think it. Draw the least amount of strokes and create your outline then use shading and extra strokes to fill in the darker spots.
Day 7 - Ball of Textures

Playing with Textures

Before drawing the Koala in this chapter in the book, you’re asked to play with textures. These are the three textures that you’re asked to draw: Fur, Spikes and Dirt.

Furry Hot Wheel

Yet another strange creation with no practical purpose what-so-ever.

They’re watching

The Koala’s came first, then the TV, then the table and finally the bowl of soup. The angles on the TV aren’t right, but I liked the idea of Koalas on TV starring at a bowl of soup on a table.

Day 8 - Koala on TV starring at a bowl of soup on a table.