Just in time for Valentines, the lesson in this chapter was how to draw  a rose. Once I had my main oval, I kept drawing the inside spiral of the rose petals from inside-out. But I found that drawing from the outside and spireling inwards was much more easier and I could keep the distance between the petals even.

Before drawing a rose, this chapter started with a bowl of marbles and 3 different types of flags. Drawing the oval shape for the bowl and the spirals for the flags with the shadows in the final rolled flag was good prep for the Rose lesson.

Day 9: A bowl of marbles
Day 9: A flag pole
Day 9: A flag pole (inverted)
Day 9: A flag pole (rolled)
Day 9 - Roses in a vase

Bunch of Roses in a vase

In the bonus round, I drew a couple of roses behind each other. For the illusion of depth, I drew the rose closest to the camera (your eyes) and work my way backwards. Each rose is slightly smaller than the one in front.

For a more evenly spaced rose petals, try drawing the spiral from the outside and move towards the centre of the parent oval.

Rose Valley

Feeling confident with my rose and spiral technique, I pictured a valley of roses.

This drawing took a long time and I learned a lot. Mainly, using a mechanical pencil is a must for very small objects in the distance. As things get smaller, so should the lines.

You can see the work in progress in My Projects.