The first lesson was to draw a sphere that starts out as a circle. It’s amazing how some simple shadows and shades turn a flat circle into a sphere. The hardest part of this lesson was—believe it or not—drawing a circle. No, really. If you have any type of OCD, you’re going to draw A LOT of circles. I gave up after 2 pages and just accepted the fact that it’s not easy to draw a perfect circle by hand.

Accept the fact that it will take practice to draw a perfect circle by hand.

The rest of the chapter talks about the basics in shadows applied to a simple sphere and how important it is to identify the light source. Besides my obsession with drawing a perfect circle, this lesson was a very easy start, and highly motivating.

Bonus Stage

I felt pretty confident with my sphere, so I followed the lead on one of the student examples in the book and also tried drawing an apple. I didn’t have an apple in front of me, so I just tried to copy the one in the book.

How to draw a Sphere & an Apple.
Using your fingers to gently ‘smudge’ your shadows in the same direction away from the light source to create a blending effect.